Dr Jenny Grounds

MBBS, DRANZCOG, Grad Cert Med Acup

Available for Appointments: TUESDAY and FRIDAY

Dr Jenny Grounds Specialises in:

Dr Jenny Grounds has been in rural general practice for nearly 3 decades, working seven years at Woodend and since 2000 at Riddell Country Practice. Prior to that she worked in inner urban community health.

Jenny’s special interests and skills are in acupuncture and musculoskeletal medicine, women’s health and mental health.  Jenny likes to try and help people develop healthier lifestyles whenever she can because she believes that “prevention is better than cure and an important part of our job is helping people to understand and manage their own health problems as well as helping them to negotiate the complexities of our health system”.

Jenny cares for people in residential aged care, in particular Riddell Gardens Hostel in Sunbury.

She lives near Riddells Creek on a bush block in a self-built solar powered home.

Jenny is a lifelong activist for the environment, climate action and refugees, and against war and nuclear weapons.  Being a board member of the Medical Association for Prevention of War Australia (MAPWA) keeps her busy and she is a member of Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) and several other groups.  She has also been involved in local planning matters over the 30 years that she has lived in the area, striving for sustainable, health-promoting and people-friendly design and landscaping.

Jenny’s favourite activities, apart from doctoring, are walking in the bush, which she does often, snorkelling in coral reefs, which happens much less frequently (but it’s handy that her daughter, Freda is a marine biologist working on reef restoration and living in Cairns), growing veggies, practising yoga, learning Italian, making bread and reading fiction and non fiction.

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